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As a business owner, you know that customer loyalty and reputation is the most important aspect of your business.

No matter how big or small your business is.

And you know that your customers can spread your reputation, good and bad, at the drop of a hat.

And maybe you have a feedback or rating system of some kind (and even if you don’t, Google has one for you … whether you like it or not).

Yet, if you have one, it’s probably not giving you the results you need.

In fact most feedback systems are lame and pointless at best, and dangerously inadequate and dysfunctional at worst.

You get low response rates, inaccurate information, no real loyalty and no warning of bad experiences before they appear online…

What a mess!

Investors in Feedback is a not-for-profit organisation that solves this dilemma.

We take a very different approach: we help you build and run feedback systems that will:

  • Put you on the front foot and genuinely engage your customers.
  • Ensure you stay in charge of your reputation no matter what happens.
  • And turn all feedback into extra sales, referrals and loyalty.

Using our simple ‘3 steps to success’ model, you can easily, step by step, get started.

Download our free feedback ebook

3 Steps to Success

Easy, Effective, Remarkable – The 3 steps to Success model

Easy: audit & change

Easy steps to get started and cut out annoying unnecessary problems

Effective: develop & improve

Effective systems to grow consistently and continually through loyalty, reputation & referrals

Remarkable: take off!

Really grow your business through consistently improving, growing and wowing the customer

3 steps to success model

When considering employing an outside organisation to help you, it’s essential that you feel confident, calm and in control at all times.

The last thing you need is another problem, expense or pressure!

That’s why we developed our simple, yet very effective, ‘3 steps to success’ model.

It’s a logical progression of easy to apply steps that start by identifying and solving issues in your current systems.

Then move you forward, at a pace that suits you, towards systems and tools to continually improve your customers’ experiences and grow your business through loyalty, reputation and referrals.


Step 1 – Easy – ‘Audit and Change’

Easy steps to get started and cut out annoying unnecessary problems.

All run remotely with you by virtual meeting.

  • Reputation & market position audit
  • Feedback and loyalty systems audit
  • 2 hour bespoke coaching

£100 per service

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Step 2 – Effective – ‘Develop & Improve’

Effective systems to grow consistently and continually through loyalty, reputation & referrals.

All run in your business by an ‘Investors in Feedback’ professional coach.

  • In depth customer experience & reputation audit
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Half day high impact training on CX systems
  • Half day high impact training on referral systems
  • Full day on site ‘Business Surgery’

£470 per service

Contact us to enquire

Step 3 – Remarkable – ‘Take Off!’

Really grow your business through consistently improving, growing and wowing the customer!

All planned and run with you by an ‘Investors in Feedback’ professional coach

  • Bespoke systems design, audit, implementation & support
  • Create consistent growth through loyalty, cross sales, reputation and referrals
  • Focus & listening groups
  • Ongoing coaching, mentoring & training
  • Virtual Customer Experience & Loyalty Director
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Other benefits

  • All tools from Step 2 onwards benefit from ‘Investors in Feedback’ accreditation: this allows you to display the ‘Investors in Feedback’ logo on all your communication, to help attract customers and keep them loyal to you.
  • All work is covered by our unconditional guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with anything, tell us and we’ll put it right: if you’re still not happy, we’ll only ever expect you to pay what you think the work was worth to you.
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Case Studies

Wholesaling Business

A wholesaling business turned a 10% sales decline into a sustainable 20% year on year growth by executing a powerful feedback and response system, and developing new ideas, products and services from what they heard.

Independent Accountants

An Independent Accountants doubled their business in a year by gathering effective feedback and implementing improvements and additional services.

A Hotel

A Hotel developed a VIP club using feedback which increased out of season bookings by 20% and room rates by 15%, whilst also reducing marketing costs.

Online Services

An online services Company grew by 25% in 6 months by gathering feedback, publishing it openly and using it effectively in social media.

A Pub

A pub restaurant grew by over 1200% in one year by focusing on feedback and accountability across the business.

Become Licensed

If you are a coaching or training organisation, large or small, that is genuinely dedicated to doing the right thing for your customers, you might like to become licensed to deliver the ‘Investors in feedback’ tools.

Either exclusively or alongside your other tools.

Unlike other business franchises or licences:

We don’t charge large upfront fees

We don’t spend a fortune advertising

We don’t charge high monthly fees

We don’t tie you in

We work with like-minded people and organisations who want to use the very best practices and tools to help their clients.

Of course, we’ll charge you to train you and of course we’ll need a monthly fee to support you and ensure quality standards are met.


This will only work if it works REALLY WELL for you: tell us how you’d like to add value to your customers using our tools and we’ll find a way to help you at a sensible cost.

To find out more: please email to find out more.

Please note: No ‘Investors in Feedback’ words, tools or systems may be used without a formal licence under any circumstances.

Take Action

No farmer ploughed their field by turning it over in their mind: the key is to take some action.

The best action to take in order to get started and test the water, is one that’s easy, yet designed to get results.


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All of these will lead onto other opportunities for you if you want to progress, … and all are unconditionally guaranteed.

Investors in Feedback is part of the ‘Slow Selling’ movement.

We are a not-for-profit philanthropic organisation that supports independent businesses to help you get the support you need, to do the right things to thrive over the long term, without wasting time, effort and money on unnecessary marketing, faff and aggro.

Most solutions cost under £2000 to implement, and everything is guaranteed

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