Why it is so important to invest in feedback

We all know how important feedback is in today’s market: customers, previously disempowered by misleading advertising, now or have the opportunity for worldwide networking, worldwide research, and opinions from users on your Product or service.

Yet, so often, they can do this behind your back, without your knowledge, and without giving you the opportunity to put things right first.

Is that fair? No

Will it help you improve and then get a better experience when dealing with you?  No

So, the problem with most feedback systems is that they gather feedback after the event…  Which means that you are unable to put it right if it’s gone wrong, or re-engage with them to continually improve it, or get them signed up to be a lifelong customer, referrer for your product or services, or part of your VIP club.

Most feedback systems therefore have very limited effect.

That is why, we suggest that you not only need to gather feedback, but you need to invest in feedback.  What we mean by investing in feedback?

We mean:

  • Making feedback the number one key driver of continual improvement in your business
  • Managing customer expectations so that they give you feedback whilst you can still do something about it (rather than after the event which is lame are and second rate at best)
  • Investing time and resource to not only gather the feedback through quality systems, but also to react effectively to the feedback when you have it: whether it is good, bad, or indifferent…  There is always a way forward that will build customer loyalty, reputation and referrals.

As we say in Investors in Feedback:

  • Gathering feedback is important…  Reacting to it properly is vital
  • There is no such thing as bad feedback: just feedback gathered badly